Resources Wanted


[Image: Jude sitting on a stretcher in a hospital hallway. The stretcher has bedding and art supplies on it. Jude is holding a sketchbook that reads “HELP ME.”]

Jude and her loved ones have requested both immediate and longer-term resources. Please send any recommendations to

  • An outreach worker in Vancouver who works specifically with young queer women
  • Information on accessing Income Assistance and Disability (ideally from someone who has undergone the process themself)
  • Sliding-scale or free art therapy in Vancouver
  • Information on what mood stabilizers she may have been placed on (in addition to Lithium and Seroquil)
  • Information on the facilities at UBC (University of British Columbia), where she may be transferred in the near future
  • Information on how to most effectively report the nurse who witnessed an assault and failed to intervene
  • Zines from the Icarus Project, especially pertaining to Bipolar 1
  • Resources on grounding exercises tailored for persons experiencing mania
  • Resources about healing from gaslighting and queerphobia in the medical industrial complex

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